Super Saturday 2020

Super Saturday 2020 Cancelled

We have had to cancel Super Saturday since the venue, The Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences, will be closed through March 30th because of concerns surrounding the spread of the coronavirus.

PA College of Health Sciences is committed to helping us reschedule at a later date, perhaps in the fall. Refunds will be issued.
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Super Saturday Sessions

How Games Help Us Grow (K – 6th Grade)
Bodhana Group 
Workshop explores the beneficial aspects of the tabletop game hobby. The facilitators play short burst games with the participants that are selected to rehearse and practice different skill areas for growth. We introduce the participants to our Heroes of the game, that illustrate these concepts and host a short discussion to talk about what the games they just played could teach and help develop. This would be the fourth year in a row running this event at SS and it will as always feature new games!

LEGO Robotics (2nd – 4th Grade)
Snapology of Reading and Lancaster
Explore the world of robotics and
coding using LEGO bricks. Students will work with a partner to follow step-by-step instructions as they construct intricate robotic models.
They will learn how to use various sensors and tablets to code and communicate with their creations and get them moving on their own.
Gear ratio, simple and complex machines and other mechanical and physics concepts will be addressed and explored as students build and learn in this hands-on workshop.

German Immersion (K – 6th Grade)
Hempfield School District
Today’s students need to be prepared to navigate in a globalized society. Knowledge of other languages plays a vital role in connecting cultures. In this course, students will be immersed in the German language in order to learn some basic vocabulary.

Basic Movie Making (3rd -6th Grade)
Dan Snyderman, Lancaster Technology Camps, Hempfield Gifted Support Teacher 
Do you love movies, TV, and YouTube? Have you ever dreamed of acting in a movie? In this session you will learn the basics of movie making! We will discuss the basics of how movies get made and important tips and tricks when filmmaking. After learning the fundamentals of making a movie, we will create a short film! All students will get an opportunity to act in the short film. A video will be posted online after Super Saturday of the short film.

Archie’s Math (K – 6th Grade)
Archie’s Math
Have fun with this hands-on exploration of math concepts!

Improv – Confidence through Creativity (K – 6th Grade)
Bodhana Group 
Learn how fun improvisation exercises help build strong skills in creativity, expression, critical thinking and all together equal confidence that you can take into your day to day life. We’ll show some fun creative improv exercises and have a good time learning!

Find Your Voice (3rd – 6th Grade)
Jackee Olson/Conestoga Toastmasters 
Learn how to speak persuasively. Great skill building for competition presentations, oral reports, and leadership roles.

FULL! Virtual Reality – It Sure Feels Real! (4th – 6th Grade)
Bodhana Group 
Come and experience Virtual Reality and learn a little about how our brain can be easily fooled with the simple experience of being 100 stories in the air! Limited space for everyone can go through the experience.

The Robot Experience (4th – 6th Grade) 
David Manning, Thaddeus Stevens
Students will learn some robot basics and explore programmable robots.

Collage (K – 6th Grade)
Anita Pilkerton-Plumb
Description coming soon!

Fabric Art (K – 6th Grade)
Kearastan Jordan
Description coming soon!

Parent Workshops

While their kids have fun, parents are able to participate in their own learning session! Experts in the field of gifted education share invaluable information to parents during this time.

GIEP Workshop Parents & Educators 
Deanie Gauntlett, DAGEN President
Description coming soon!

Parent Advocacy Parents & Educators 
Susan Heydt, PAGE Affiliate Director
Description coming soon!

Boards of Education – Gaming in the 
Classroom Parents & Educators 
Bodhana Group 
Session describing potential uses of Board Games for a classroom environment. This presentation discusses skill enrichment opportunities and gives some great examples of modern board games that can be augmented and adjusted to the classroom. Designed for parents, teachers and youth workers. Some of the games discussed will be available to see and examine. Very engaging panel.   

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