Please excuse our appearance as we update our website!

Our website has been neglected as the LC PAGE board has been busy planning events for our members. Our 7th annual Super Saturday was a huge success! We have a creativity presentation and LEGO workshop coming June 18th. In October, Christine Fonseca will be speaking to LC PAGE parents about emotional intensity in our gifted kids. In November, PA College of Health Sciences and LC PAGE are teaming up for a Health & Science Saturday, a Super Saturday-like event for 7th-9th graders with a focus on health and medical sciences. More details will be posted here soon. Several family meet-ups are also being planned. Emails will be sent to our mailing list.

We regularly post on our Facebook page. Don’t have Facebook? You can check the feed on the bottom of our menu on the home page.

You can help! LC PAGE is run by busy parents, just like you. LC PAGE members who volunteer reap the most benefit. By becoming involved, you have more opportunities to expand your knowledge and contacts. We encourage our volunteers to suggest ways that they want to help the organization grow. Here are just a few of the opportunities LC PAGE has for volunteers:

Serve on the Super Saturday Planning Committee.
Be a classroom volunteer, registration volunteer, or hallway guide at Super Saturday.
Plan a Member Meet-Up.
Act as contact for your school district to lead discussions, help coordinate local events, and reach out to other parents.
Serve as Webmaster.
Serve as Newsletter Editor.
Serve as Social Media Coordinator.
Serve on a Parent Presentation Planning Committee.
Assist with our annual Lancaster Science Factory member night.
Serve on the board as President, Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer.

Volunteer commitments vary from a few hours during a one day event like Super Saturday to several hours over a longer time period as part of a planning committee to more regular involvement as a board member.

We are all busy parents with families, work, and other civic, social, religious, club, and/or sports obligations, but together we can create amazing opportunities for our members and increase awareness of the needs of gifted children in our community.

If you have questions, suggestions, or want to volunteer, please contact


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