Check out some of the best learning options on the web for the young and young at heart!

Brainpop covers all sorts of topics from math to science to social studies and current events in fun-to-watch, short videos.

Khan Academy is a site that has courses where you watch about five videos and at the end is a test in some sections. Sometimes there are fun activities after the test. You make a log in for free and it keeps your child’s progress.

Online G3 is a paid online webinar site where you sign your child up for classes and they have live webinars and then the teacher gives online homework to do and finish by the next webinar. The homework usually consists of about 4-6 videos or short news articles and then 1 or 2 discussions where you make something and post it. There is also a recording used if someone misses a webinar.

Athena’s Academy is a paid webinar system with live webinars that you pay to sign up for and then after the webinars your child has homework to do. In some courses it is to read certain chapters of a certain book.

Crash Course is many youtube videos that teach about mostly science and history in funny videos.

Minecraft Homeschool is a website of inexpensive courses where kids get assignments and play Minecraft to do it. They usually have to read something and then build it in Minecraft.

ALEKS is a pay site that uses adaptive questioning to quickly and accurately determine exactly what a student knows and doesn’t know in a K-college level math course.

Cool Math for Kids covers everything from straightforward computation to logic/reasoning games.

Timez Attack is a high interest multiplication/division/addition/subtraction adventure game that is free for basic levels.

Prodigy is a free game where you play a wizard and fight creatures while solving math problems to hit the creatures.

Starfall is a great free learning to read site.

Newsela is a news website designed for kids that has kid appropriate articles with some optional quizes. The complexity of the articles can be changed from a low reading level to a high reading level.

National Geographic Kids is mostly fun science and geography games.

SciShow is lots of videos about different random science questions that you want to know. They are very interesting.

Radix Endeavor is a high school level science game run by MIT that teaches about mostly biology on the fake world of Ysola, an Earth like planet.

Typing Web is a great typing course that teaches kids to type and has trophies and games which will excite the kids more.

Typingtest games are also great typing games.

Cambridge Computing is a Cambridge University Press designed course that covers everything from basic computer skills to coding and networking.

Hour of Code encourages people to learn logic reasoning and coding in an easy to access format. Following the first hour, students can choose to do more.