Events and Activities for Gifted Kids in Lancaster County, PA

On this page, you’ll find information about events that LC PAGE organizes and runs as well as other ideas for activities within Lancaster County!

LC PAGE Events:

Community Activities:

Super Saturday

Saturday, March 28th, 2020
9am – 12pm (check in starts at 8:30am)
at Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences

Super Saturday happens once a year and is a fun and exciting event for gifted kids! Lancaster County Partners for Gifted Education organizes workshops with local organizations designed to inspire and encourage learning in elementary aged children.
    While their kids have fun, parents are able to participate in their own learning session! Experts in the field of gifted education share invaluable information to parents during this time.

    Speaker Events

    With your continued support, LC PAGE is able to bring in nationally renowned speakers in the field of gifted education!

    To receive updates about upcoming speaker events:

    Monthly Meetups

    Join us for a free community meetup each month! We get together as parents of gifted children to ask questions, share resources, and provide support to one another.

    Simply send an email if you’re interested in joining us:

    Academic Competitions and Contests

    If your child is looking for some extra academic challenges, the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth has put together an incredible collection of contests and competitions in various fields of interest!

    After School Activities