Gifted 101

What does “gifted” really mean? How do I find out if my child is gifted? And where do we go from there?

Learn more about what all of this means for your family and gain a better understanding of your rights and the regulations put in place by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Events & Activities

LC PAGE is proud to provide and share community events to Lancaster County that focus on gifted children and their families! 

Learn more about Super Saturday, speaker events, monthly meetups, summer camps, and other gifted-friendly community activities in our area.

Gifted Resources

Whether you are just starting on this journey, or you have a high schooler, it is helpful to have a wealth of resources at your fingertips.

LC PAGE has compiled lists of resources to help you navigate the world of gifted. Check out recommended books and websites, view sample letters, and dive deeper into your specific school district’s gifted policies.

LC PAGE Updates

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